Music Services

Below you will find a list of musical services offered by Vide Chevalier. The services vary between Live Concerts, Songwriting, Event Pianist, Music Lessons, Piano Tuning and anything in between. Each service can be customized to fit your needs they way you want it, just send me a message and we can discuss it further!

Live Music Accompaniment

As a multi-instrumentalist playing a wide array of instruments, I'm available for any kind of live music setup. I am a very intuitive musician and can play along in any genre (except perhaps so called "death metal").

Instruments I play: Keys, Drum set, Percussions, Flutes (recorder and bansuri), Accordeon, Harmonica, Didgeridoo, Guitar, Electric Bass, Vocals.

Prices depend on the venue, practice time and playing hours.

Live Concerts (Original Music)

Heartfelt live music concerts with my original Singer-Songwriter music, intermixed with original piano pieces with a serene and cinematic feel to them.

All blends up to a cosy concert, either as a solo musician or together with other instruments such as a trio with electric guitar and double bass (see possible co-musicians below).

Optional: Facilitated Cacao Ceremony and Cuddle Puddle for the audience to have a greatly enhanced relaxation and oxytocin boost while enjoying the music.

gray concrete wall inside building
gray concrete wall inside building
white and black abstract painting
white and black abstract painting
Fantasia - Live Interactive Improvisation

Fantasia is an interactive show that has been alive for more than a decade. The audience make suggestions and the on-stage artists interpret them live. It can come in various constellations, either with only piano and song (me solo) or with a professional dancer and an artist (painter) as well, interpreting the suggestions of the audience with both visuals and movement at the same time as music - making the whole experience even more immersive.

With the second option it consequently costs a bit more, since we are at least three artist.

We can discuss the details in person.


If you have a documentary, commercial, theatre play or just want to create your own special signature theme song - contact me and together we can make it happen!

Of course, you will just give me the description of what you need and I will do the rest, or ask co-musicians to join in if needed.


vary between 500 and 5000 SEK depending on the length, complexity and commercial use of the piece.

Instrumentation possible?

Piano, Drums, Guitar, Vocals, Saxophone, Clarinet, Violin, Accordeon, Harmonica, Didgeridoo, Vocal Harmonies etc.

Lifestyle-Enhancing Design

Our architecture services take into consideration your lifestyle and preferences to create spaces that are both beautiful and functional.

person playing guitar
person playing guitar
black and white piano
black and white piano
white piano keys
white piano keys
Piano Tuning

If your piano is out of tune, you can contact me to book a time so we can make it sound great again!

Cost: Between 1500 and 2000 SEK depending on the condition of the piano. If the piano is very out of tune, it may need to be tuned twice with some time inbetween, in order to reach a good level of tuning.

Music Lesson

A lesson often consists of three phases:

  1. 1. Introduction & meditation

  2. 2. Practical & improvisation

  3. 3. Theory & techniques

Instruments possible?

Piano (beginner to advanced)

Drums (beginner to advanced)

Guitar (beginner to intermediate)

Songwriting & production (beginner to intermediate)


Online or in my home in Malmö, Sweden. The south of Sweden can also work, travel cost should be covered by the student.


Adult 45 minutes (minimum) lesson costs 450 SEK.

Child 30 minutes (minimum) lesson costs 325 SEK.

If you can show that you have economic difficulties, a minimum fee of 250 SEK + anything you can add is accepted.